Thanks for the support!

January 24, 2007

I have just been speaking to Jodie and Atlanta – Thanks guys!! Jodie suggested that I actually write down on this what is happening. I only like to tell people good news but I guess the reality is we are not having much of that. I got my web cam working – so personal high for that. I can see my family , I miss them loads.

We are really struggling, its another low point. We thought things were going great as we had found these two places and had a great choice. There was a restaurant in a small market town that needed no work doing at all and a pub. What a result! We talked long and hard about the benefits of each and made a decision together that we wanted the pub.

Its beautiful, in a rural village with open fires, has a three bed flat and all the rest …..

The Bank on Friday were really optimistic over the phone, thought it sounded like a good idea that they would back. So we put an offer in and had it accepted and had a great weekend. Corks pop!

Monday morning we went in to the bank to see the manager. Doom and more gloom! he talked on for an age about things I could not understand and when I asked him to explain he used just more weird words that I still could not decipher and spurted numbers like he had a leak. The brunt of it was, he wouldn’t lend us based on the current land lady’s takings. He would not listen to us about how we were going to improve the place and increase takings, he just said NO.


I just can’t see how people ever get these things off the ground. I am finding it difficult to see how the pub is going to work now as more mortgage advisers are telling me that we need a 25% deposit (like as if) and that it would be expected to be paid over 15 years (and high charges).

It’s not really very helpful that I keep looking at web sites (government quangos) that say how they are supporting business in the north east, encouraging enterprise in young people and helping new business ventures blah blah when its all talk and actually no evidence to back this up what so ever. When I ring one agency they go “mmm- not sure who deals with that speak to so and so on 1234 1234″ so I call them and they do the same ” I will pass you on to blogs, hold the line…”

They have no idea what each other are doing, talk about supporting business but can’t actually do it, appear to have lots of meetings and set up “steering groups” when what good are they? I have no evidence of it!!

I email the princess trust and they don’t get back to me, I am not able to claim job seekers or even have my NI contributions paid when we are working so hard to do this. Where is the help in that???????????????????????????????

I knew it would be difficult but I just can’t see how it is supposed to work and what we are doing wrong!

I hope tonight we can have a good discussion about where we go next and what we can do to find a lender that believes in us!

I always hear advice from people who say “it is so important that the bank believes in you” because if they don’t then in the first year when you struggle they give no slack. Its the banks that should be fighting to offer us, we know we can do this and do it well! They have to sell themselves to us! So that guy (as Julia Roberts said in Pretty Woman) “just lost out big time!”


Lastest news

January 18, 2007


Thanks for reading our blog! We are really pleased with the feedback we have received and hope that the site is interesting and informative!

We have been in a whirlwind recently, it never rains but pours.

Since Christmas we were concentrating on the properties we had before we left London. We had builders round and Kitchen fitters, got quotes and drew plans. We negotiated what the lease would be and talked with the planners. When things got close to the end the final deals were completely one sided, we wouldn’t agree to a lease without planning permission (of course!- we are not completely insane!) and we had to let them go. We were very upset by this as we had put in so much time and effort as well as invested a great deal of emotion.

We picked our selves up fast after the black Friday and began the search again. This time we contacted more agents, looked further a field and considered more options (all options). We are taking the time to think about what we want and what we hope for in the future and hope that we will have the right place soon.

We have lots of serious soul searching to do and lots of discussions about what we can afford with the bank.

We have been to lots of nice restaurants and pubs (some not so nice) in the area though and are fast becoming experts in where to go for food and drink!

Currently we have two contenders in the running and we hope to know about these pretty soon.

We are very optimistic and will let you know how we get on!

Love Rhian and Helen xxxxx

Rhian preparing food

January 10, 2007

Rhian in the kitchen

I will be putting some recipes here soon for traditional north eastern foods such as:

  • Ham and pease pudding
  • Cow Heel Pie
  • Tripe and onions
  • Potted kippers
  • Auntie Jeans Ginger snaps (that’s my auntie Jean)

So you will be able to keep up to date with our progress in opening the restaurant and also cooking with us our favourite dishes.


First entry

January 9, 2007

We have done it! We are here! We have left London and have made the move up to Newcastle so that we can begin our new restaurant.

please keep checking this so we can let you know how we are getting on!