so far …

February 15, 2007

What have we been up to I hear you all cry. Tons and tons. But are we any closer? answers on the back of a postcard please.

We set off to find out where we could get a mortgage from and there were all these people going ‘yeah, no problem, just fill in these forms – 20 pages, photocopy a million bank statements- and we will sort it all out, call you back when we have all the lenders offers’

Call back ‘ computer says no’

The bank said ‘go away and find some more deposit’. We have so far considered our best options to be 15-to-1 and deal or no deal.

We had a meeting with the Business Link. They were really impressed with our business plan and said that they felt we would be able to apply for some grants to help us with any improvements/renovations to the pub. *- Yippee-* Only we have had to rewrite a major chunk of the plan. It currently stands at 17,308 words, 67 pages and that does not include our sample press releases, news letters and pictorial representations of how we propose it will look inside and a detailed description of the style and ambiance. Yeah I know, its just like buying a house.

So we were told by these sales people that a mortgage would be no problem and we have so far been told by two banks that they are not interested. We are waiting on the third today or tomorrow.

We have had a meeting with a tax accountant — oooohhhh , very exciting. If only I could have understood what he said.

It was valentines day yesterday and Rhian made me some chocolate brownies in the shape of harts-I don’t need to tell you how good they were but I will anyway – yum yum yum yum.

We are kind of biting our nails now, as we are taking a break from writing the plan till we get some more feed back from the Business Link. Its one of those things, we have worked on it all day, everyday, for the last week and we can’t really see the wood from the trees now, so a few days away from it will do us good.

Talking about trees, we did some tree felling at the weekend and plan to do some more this weekend. Great fun. I couldn’t resist the urge to shout ‘Timber’ each time. Luckily the tree coming down was really loud, so I don’t think anyone heard me.

does anyone have any recipe requests?

when we open the pub we will probably struggle to find the time to update the recipes, so if we can write some for you now that would be great! and seriously, if any one has a few grand they would like to donate to the ‘buy Rhian and Helen a pub‘ fund then send your checks in the post.

Thanks for all the support.

keep in touch!! Helen and Rhian x x x x x x x x


3 Responses to “so far …”

  1. Babs Says:

    Is that payable to Rhian or Helen?

  2. Tabby Says:

    how do I cook pork the way you have done for me in the past? I loved the crackling! I think it was with apples too?

  3. susan Says:

    Its always up -up and up

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