The man from RBS said ….YES!

February 20, 2007

Hello, Great news.

The Royal Bank of Scotland have agreed to give us the funding we need for the mortgage!

We are over the moon. We still have a long way to go, and many things can go wrong after here but the first hurdle is done!

We are waiting for a valuation report to take place (which cost us £881) and then we have to get a survey done.

We then have to wait while the solicitors thrash it out and hope that ours comes out on top!

It is possible that we will be in for Easter, but I will keep you all informed of when the party will be!

We only have seven weeks till Easter and an awful lot to do. We even have to try and learn to drive during this time as the pub is in a little village a bit out of the way. I have said I will get a scooter but no-one else thinks that’s a good idea.

We went back to the pub on Saturday for dinner. It hasn’t sunk in that we might actually own it soon and be working and living there! We saw a badger just outside the village on the way home. This is the first time I have ever seen a real wild badger so I think this is a very good omen.

It is really beautiful and I can’t wait for everyone to come.

We have got a meeting with the business Link on Rhian’s birthday (Wednesday) and hopefully they will be able to offer us some more advice. Rhian is ringing up suppliers and getting as many contacts as possible. I am looking at the marketing and trying to work out what we need to spend on the pub in order for us to be able to run the place how we would like to. We are going to make one bedroom that has an en-suite in to a B&B room, so that needs some work. Rhian’s dad is thrashing through the numbers to make sure it all works.

We are having a tea party for Rhian’s birthday. We have invited all the children and today we are going to make some party cakes and pies!

All in all we are keeping out of trouble as I promised. Love to you all and I will let you know what happens next!


3 Responses to “The man from RBS said ….YES!”

  1. Mike Says:

    Well done to you all. I know how much work you are all doing and you deserve all the sucess in the world

  2. Susan Says:

    Great, I am really sxcited for you. I hope you have people who can help when you open as it will be a very difficult time.

  3. Tabby Says:

    soooooo happy! thank you for the best news all day!

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