Beautiful Northumberland

March 4, 2007

We are waiting to get the final written offer from the bank, so again we are in limbo waiting for that nod before we can spring into action. There is only so much we can do until we have final confirmation that it will be ours!

We were on a course on Friday. It was great. It was on food, leisure and enterprise. There were really inspirational people there to talk to us and answer questions. People who have set up their own businesses and been really successful. It has really motivated us. Other people attending the course were really supportive too.

Rhian on Hadrian’s wall

So in order to relax we went for a walk to enjoy the scenery!

Northumberland is a bit like Scotland. It is very ruged and wild. One of the few places in this country where you can stand and turning 360 degrees, not see any town or village. The only signs of human life is the odd farm house. Its a kind of rural that is becoming very rare in this country.

We visited farm shops, ate cake, saw rare Dexter blue cattle, went for a walk along the wall, went for dinner in an wonderful new pub restaurant, then went to a Roman mithraic temple to watch the total eclipse of the moon. It was amazing. The lack of light pollution made it incredible and to think the Romans would probably have been at the temple during an eclipse spooky.

A fantastic day!

We hope that we will know on Monday if we can leap into action and then you all need to look in your diaries and see when you can come and give us a hand!

All our Love Helen and Rhian


4 Responses to “Beautiful Northumberland”

  1. Suzie Says:

    Nice coat flapping!

  2. Dave Says:

    It’s OK He’s an archeologist!

  3. Lucy Says:

    Hi there, cant believe it is happening now! How exciting! I know you wanted tea, sorry have been manic, I am in the office today though so could pick some up? Sorry would phone but my personal phone has run out of battery and left my charger at home !

    Sorry for not getting back to you have been really manic, but give me a call if you get this in time today on my work phone or email me with your number..

    Anyway very excited for you both and also thanks for the wedding reply! LOTs of love me, p.s let me know when the grand opening is! xxx

  4. Amber Hayes Says:

    Looked up beautiful Northuimberland, found you. Hope you can send this wonderful foods, I’m in Las Vegas we have one English store here. Oh well,
    Take Care… Used to Amber Chipchase

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