Robin Hood’s Tree

March 4, 2007

Hi, we all call this the ‘Robin Hood tree‘. Although Robin Hood never came here Kevin Costner did! I was a massive fan the film and so this tree is special to me and very beautiful. Even if it is many miles from Nottingham. The tree along the path of Hadrian’s wall, Northumberland.Rhian with Robin Hood’s Tree


6 Responses to “Robin Hood’s Tree”

  1. Atlanta Says:

    Hello you two wee little beavers, aren’t you busy!! I’m so pleased you have found a pub, but I’m scared you two are going to be on the road! I’m sorry the bank is keeping you in limbo, but the would be crazy if they didn’t back you. Say the word I’ll be up with the scrubbing brush in a flash!
    Love to you both, Atty

  2. Atlanta Says:

    PS. I wanted to tell you both I did a 6-hour chook on Sunday for the obligatory sabbath day roast. I was paranoid I was going to kill everyone, but it worked!!

  3. Rob MacMahon Says:

    Hey Rhian,

    Good luck with the restaurant. I’m really missing you lots. Love Rob xxx

  4. Karol Kaliczak Says:

    Hey Rhian,

    I love you. You are the most wonderful man I’ve ever met. I would like to make love to you.

    Karol xxx

  5. Rob MacMahon Says:

    Not Drunk, and horny but not for u.

  6. Rob MacMahon Says:

    Rhian, I love you. but not like that. Don’t be so gay. Love Rob XXXXXXXX

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