Busy busy busy!

March 19, 2007


Just in case you thought we had bought the pub and were sitting back relaxing, here is a typical day for us- today actually.

9.00 am meeting with Lanchester wines

11.00 am meeting with Rington’s Tea

Ring Hexham Courant newspaper about our Easter advert format

Ring The Northumbrian Gazette about photos

Fill in forms for small business rates relief

Email ‘good guides’ about usage of logo.

Set up email address from web site

Check with printers that they do Litho, spot printing, paper quality etc

Put some kitchen equipment up for sale on ebay that we don’t need, including taking very nice pictures of said item.

Making appointments with wine reps and pumphreys coffee.

Speak to Pam from Sutton Barnard about insurance again. I always have more questions for her after looking through all the paper work. She laughs at me because she says most people don’t read it. I read it but i can’t say i understand it.

Compare prices for broadband Internet at the pub from the different providers.

Wait over half an hour on hold to British gas to ask about electricity supplies. Outrageous!

4.oopm meeting with bank manager and senior business manager. Sign loads of forms and set up business bank account.

Call business link and ask them about grant applications – not going all that well by the sounds of things. They haven’t even sent our forms out yet!!! honestly i think that is really bad!

Speak to solicitor about 2nd charge and contact from sellers solicitor.

Fill in forms about those tourism directions signs and decide where we propose the signs to go. Means looking at map and lots of thinking mmmm.

Read proof advert that is to go in the CAMRA ‘whats brewing’ news paper.

Go thorough a disc of photos from a nice cheese lady and select one to enlarge and put in frame in the pub – very good it is too.

And this is just what i’ve done today. Rhian has been equally busy.

I think it is going to speed up even more the closer we get to the date!

Its great though. I am just so thrilled we are finally getting to go ahead with all the plans we have been making.

The solicitor thinks that 2nd of April may be too soon now as he has still not received everything from the current landlady’s solicitors. This means we may be looking at later int eh week, therefore closer to the beer festival.

We are planning to have tables outside selling cakes, tea and coffee and also an outside bar with drinks. We are looking in to booking a band and have already bought some of the eater egg prizes! We would be grateful for any help on the day with the race and serving all those customers that we will be inundated with. Have a look at the CAMRA advert – what do you think? It has our new logo on too!

CAMRA advert proof


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