Move in Monday

April 1, 2007

Well its nearly time. We are just packing all our clothes and stuff, getting ready for the big move tomorrow. We have been making cakes, pies, soup, biscuits and pickles ready for the big day. I have spent an age polishing silver cutlery and it looks amazing, not sure how long it will stay that way though.

Plan for Monday. We are going to the fruit and veg market early to pick up some salad things and flowers. We are going to make up a big bunch of flowers to give Marina the land lady who is moving out, to say a big thank you for everything she has done for us.  we also want some flowers to decorate the pub with. We are then up to the pub for the stock taker who will start at 9:30. He will go through all the things, count the beer and the glasses etc and tell us how much we owe Marina for these items of stock. We will also need to read the meters together.

I need to ring up the insurance company and make sure the insurance has been put in place. I then need to call the card companies and make sure that they are coming to install a new card machine. Have our new bed delivered for the B&B and also take deliveries for the 20+ beers we are having at the beer festival!

We will need to do our our stock take and make sure we have everything we need. We are bound to need a trip to the cash and carry to get some things, soft drinks, toilet paper etc…

We must wait for the call from the solicitors to say the money has been transferred before we can move our things in but we plan to open the pub at 6, so we will have to be quick. Rhian’s mum and dad will be making trips in the car as we have not hired a van. We have tons of kitchen equipment to take over and luckily Rhian’s parents have taken the day off to offer us a hand.

We will just be moving in the things that we really need that night and do the rest in stages over the coming week. We are mainly trying to get ready for the Easter weekend as this is when we are going to be mad busy. We will need to move some of the big things though like a really big oven Rhian has bought as we have booked an electrician to come and look at it on Tuesday. It will need to be professionally plugged in and so will some of the gas appliances.

The advert has been in the papers and it looks really good. It is our last day today and so we have been trying to get everything finished off. The menu, logo, flyers, and business cards are nearly finished and so we will send them to the printers soon.

Must go. Thank you all very much for all the support everyone has given us and all the encouragement. We are really tired right now and very anxious, but very happy too!

Love Helen xxxx


I hope you can all make it!!!

But we will be having an opening party too!

Please tell everyone you know about the pub. Spread the word! email everyone with the address of this blog and please write feedback comments so i know if anyone is reading any of this stuff.

This is our advert that is going into the paper. Rhian’s uncle Adam has done it for us – he is brilliant!!! Thank you Adam!!!!

If you click on it, it becomes bigger.

Just got a new laser printer for printing all our menus. It’s really good. A samsung, although how anoying is it when they arrive without any cables. They didn’t tell me I would need to buy cables as well? I was very cross, but have just spoken to Samsung and they are going to send a cable out to us. Now that is what I call good customer service! – oh that’s the door bell another delivery of stuff.

The Feathers Beer festival and barrel race

New Logo

March 19, 2007

The Feathers Inn Logo

What do you think of this?

The old logo is prince charle’s – prince of wale’s- feathers crown thing. This has cutlery instead of the feathers and a napkin ring instead of the crown. Pretty neat hey!

Busy busy busy!

March 19, 2007


Just in case you thought we had bought the pub and were sitting back relaxing, here is a typical day for us- today actually.

9.00 am meeting with Lanchester wines

11.00 am meeting with Rington’s Tea

Ring Hexham Courant newspaper about our Easter advert format

Ring The Northumbrian Gazette about photos

Fill in forms for small business rates relief

Email ‘good guides’ about usage of logo.

Set up email address from web site

Check with printers that they do Litho, spot printing, paper quality etc

Put some kitchen equipment up for sale on ebay that we don’t need, including taking very nice pictures of said item.

Making appointments with wine reps and pumphreys coffee.

Speak to Pam from Sutton Barnard about insurance again. I always have more questions for her after looking through all the paper work. She laughs at me because she says most people don’t read it. I read it but i can’t say i understand it.

Compare prices for broadband Internet at the pub from the different providers.

Wait over half an hour on hold to British gas to ask about electricity supplies. Outrageous!

4.oopm meeting with bank manager and senior business manager. Sign loads of forms and set up business bank account.

Call business link and ask them about grant applications – not going all that well by the sounds of things. They haven’t even sent our forms out yet!!! honestly i think that is really bad!

Speak to solicitor about 2nd charge and contact from sellers solicitor.

Fill in forms about those tourism directions signs and decide where we propose the signs to go. Means looking at map and lots of thinking mmmm.

Read proof advert that is to go in the CAMRA ‘whats brewing’ news paper.

Go thorough a disc of photos from a nice cheese lady and select one to enlarge and put in frame in the pub – very good it is too.

And this is just what i’ve done today. Rhian has been equally busy.

I think it is going to speed up even more the closer we get to the date!

Its great though. I am just so thrilled we are finally getting to go ahead with all the plans we have been making.

The solicitor thinks that 2nd of April may be too soon now as he has still not received everything from the current landlady’s solicitors. This means we may be looking at later int eh week, therefore closer to the beer festival.

We are planning to have tables outside selling cakes, tea and coffee and also an outside bar with drinks. We are looking in to booking a band and have already bought some of the eater egg prizes! We would be grateful for any help on the day with the race and serving all those customers that we will be inundated with. Have a look at the CAMRA advert – what do you think? It has our new logo on too!

CAMRA advert proof


Hexham Courant

March 13, 2007

This is the editorial that is going in the newspaper ‘Hexham Courant’ about the Easter beer Fesitval at the pub. Hundreds of people come from all over and we have T-Shirts to sell too! Please come along and if you want to help out, even better! This Link show you the poster and T-Shirt design : Barrel Race Barrel Race

Fancy winning a nine-gallon barrel of ale this Easter weekend? Or how about a spot of egg-jarping? The Feathers Inn Beer Festival begins on Good Friday with over 20 real ales, from local breweries, large and small. Hand-pulled or straight from the barrel, there will be an ale or cider to suit every drinker’s palate. Easter Monday sees the annual famous Hedley-on-the-Hill Barrel Race. Teams of three competitors will once again struggle up Billy Faill’s field carrying an empty beer keg, before making a dash for the finish line at the Feathers Inn in an attempt to win the prize. Don’t miss this unique local event. With a children’s decorated egg competition and the Easter Bonnet parade, it looks like being lots of fun for all the family – and a great day out to boot. Rhian and Helen, the Feather’s new land lords, will be serving fresh, seasonal, local food from then onwards.

Rhian and I went to meet the land lady yesterday and it is really happening!

We have loads to do as the Easter beer festival is massive. We will be crazy busy in our first week but the publicity will be much needed.

Follow these links for pictures and details

Our web site (Not finished)

Pictures from review site

Newspaper review

If you go to google maps and click on business and put the ‘what’ as “the feathers inn” and the ‘where’ as “Hedley on the Hill” it will take you to the location. You can then click on the pub . It will bring up a window where you can put where you live and it will give you the route and distance from your location!

So no getting lost!

Great to chat with you Kelly last night, missing you all at Great Ormond Street loads!! sob sob!

Take care and I will write more soon.

Important Announcement

March 8, 2007

We did it!

We have finally got everything through!

That means the bank have given us written agreements, the survey and valuation have all come back fine, the solicitors are working on the case and we will receive written warranties of sale in the post tomorrow! It has been offically taken off the market!

Yippee!! We have just been dancing round the garden, so a bit out of breath!
That and Rhian and I passed our driving theory tests today! – all that mouse clicking!

I will post some pictures of here soon. We are going to meet the current land lady again, have a chat.

Just been putting job adverts in the connexions offices around the region so we can start shortlisting and interviewing staff. We have also had a meeting with Rhian’s uncle about logo and menus. Loads of fun stuff. I really enjoy the design bit as you all probably know! It’s going to be a very stylish place of course.

The solicitors are working towards April 2nd as exchange and completion date, so hold onto your pants it’s going to be a crazy ride. Yup it’s only 3 weeks away. Keep these dates clear, but it is a very short time, and could get delayed. As they do. Easter weekend there will be a big beer festival with ten real ales and race and loads of stuff so please come up for then! I will tell you more details soon. OH MY GOD! IT’S REALLY HAPPENING! HURRAH!!

Robin Hood’s Tree

March 4, 2007

Hi, we all call this the ‘Robin Hood tree‘. Although Robin Hood never came here Kevin Costner did! I was a massive fan the film and so this tree is special to me and very beautiful. Even if it is many miles from Nottingham. The tree along the path of Hadrian’s wall, Northumberland.Rhian with Robin Hood’s Tree

Beautiful Northumberland

March 4, 2007

We are waiting to get the final written offer from the bank, so again we are in limbo waiting for that nod before we can spring into action. There is only so much we can do until we have final confirmation that it will be ours!

We were on a course on Friday. It was great. It was on food, leisure and enterprise. There were really inspirational people there to talk to us and answer questions. People who have set up their own businesses and been really successful. It has really motivated us. Other people attending the course were really supportive too.

Rhian on Hadrian’s wall

So in order to relax we went for a walk to enjoy the scenery!

Northumberland is a bit like Scotland. It is very ruged and wild. One of the few places in this country where you can stand and turning 360 degrees, not see any town or village. The only signs of human life is the odd farm house. Its a kind of rural that is becoming very rare in this country.

We visited farm shops, ate cake, saw rare Dexter blue cattle, went for a walk along the wall, went for dinner in an wonderful new pub restaurant, then went to a Roman mithraic temple to watch the total eclipse of the moon. It was amazing. The lack of light pollution made it incredible and to think the Romans would probably have been at the temple during an eclipse spooky.

A fantastic day!

We hope that we will know on Monday if we can leap into action and then you all need to look in your diaries and see when you can come and give us a hand!

All our Love Helen and Rhian