Making your own corned beef is very simple however it is not easy to make in small quantities so I would not recommend making it unless you have a large party to feed. Home-made corned beef has a fantastic flavour and will keep for at least two months in the brine before you cook it. Definitely a dish to cook at least once so you can appreciate the traditional methods of preserving that have long existed in this country and are fast dying out. For corned beef you need brisket of beef, a cut of beef you may have to order from a good butcher. Tell him it is to make corned beef and he may tie it up for you, if not don’t worry it’s not essential but it will help it to keep its shape whilst cooking. You need to cook at least half a brisket which will way 3-4lb, trim the meat of any sinew and some fat there won’t be that much and proceed with curing process. Saltpetre a chemical used in curing and bombs is used in this process, it helps to keep the meat pink but it is not essential, you may be able to get a little from either your butcher if he makes his own sausages, or possibly for the chemist.

3-4 lb piece of brisket of beef.

The cure.

5 pints water

¾ lb coarse sea salt

½ lb black treacle

2 tsp saltpetre

1 onion cut in to eights

4 cloves garlic squashed

2 tbs mustard seeds

2 tbs black pepper corns

2 tbs whole cloves

2 bay leaves

½ nutmeg broken up

1 tsp juniper berries

Bring all the cure ingredients to the boil, allow to cool then immerse the meat in the cure and leave somewhere to cool for 5 days. When ready to cook remove from the brine and place in a large pan cover with water and simmer for 2 1/2 hrs then use as you would with corned beef in a pie or hash or sliced in sandwiches, that you wont forget for some time.


2 Responses to “Corned or Cured Beef”

  1. I watch your show and like it very much
    I am trying with out any luck.
    To get the Recipf from today’s show the 21th 3 2008 for Corned Cottage Pie.
    I hope you can help Please.
    Alice Barrett

  2. I watch your Show and enjoy it very much thank you.
    Alice Barrett.

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