When I purchased far too many mangoes and had made enough mango chutney to last be a whole year I came upon the idea of making a highly spiced mango relish or ketchup to use up the rest of my mangoes. It is fantastic and has a great affinity with Caribbean food and, eggs or even chips. Not really Christmas fair but a great enlivener for jaded palates over the festive period and a great present for those relatives who have already got everything!

Hot Mango Ketchup or Relish

4 large fragrant ripe Pakistani mangoes (Alphonso or Kassar are the best varieties), which are for sale all summer long outside of most Asian shops for a very small price. Or if you make this in the winter use a large tin (500g) of Mango puree and nothing could be easier.

4 shallots finely chopped 2cm of root ginger peeled and grated
1 scotch bonnet chili chopped and de-seeded ( this has definitely got a kick to it )
250g brown sugar or 100g if you use a tin of mango puree which is usually sweetened. 300ml white or malt vinegar
juice of two limes 2tbls of crushed allspice
2tsp mace blades
1tbls salt
1 bunch of thyme, leaves picked from the stalks and reserved

If you are using fresh mangoes peel them and cut the flesh from the stone roughly chop it and put it in the pan. If you are using a tin open it and tip the contents into the pan. Take care when handling the scotch bonnet chili they are incredibly hot. Do not rub your eyes or go to the loo with out washing your hand very well! Add the rest of the ingredients apart from the spices and thyme. Put the allspice, mace and thyme stalks in a muslin or jay cloth bag and add it to the mix. Now bring the whole lot up to gentle simmer for 1/2, by which time it will have reduced to a tick and rich ketchup with a kick. Extract the spice bag and stir in the thyme. Transfer the contents of the pan to a blender and blend on top speed till smooth. If you use puree obliviously this will not take long. Now pot in hot jar or sterilized bottles tightly screwing on the lids whilst the ketchup is still hot to form a vacuum.


One Response to “Mango, chutneys and ketchups.”

  1. Mike Says:

    So much better than the sweet sugary stuff you buy in the shops. The family loved this one, it really tasted of mango.

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