Pot dishes abound across the North of England and Ireland. From (Loppe) Scouse in Liverpool to Lancashire hot pot, Shepard’s pie, Irish stew, Corned beef and potato hot pot. The basics are the same a way of stretching a meagre amount of meat to feed a lot of people. Great dishes, each with their own distinctive character and different accompaniments that make them unique. The red cabbage or beetroot with Scouse or Lancashire hot pot to the bland silky sweetness of the barely in Irish stew and the vinegary mushy peas with Corned beef Hot pot, all add another flavour dimension to everyday dishes. Made with a little care and pride these regional dishes can become fantastic and economical family meals. All these dishes retain a lot of local character and every person you speak to will have there own family recipe for each dish, my interpretations come from speaking to and cooking with many people. The basics of each dish stay the same but different people add different things, I have listed as many variations as I can think of but I am sure there will be many more I haven’t discovered yet.


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