For six

8oz marrowfat dried peas soaked overnight in water

1 carrot peeled

1onion peeled

1 bay leaf

malt vinegar

salt and white pepper freshly ground

When the tongue is half cooked put the peas in a large seperate pot with the vegetables and bay leaf. Cover with cold water bring to the boil, skim off the copious amounts of scum that appears and lower the heat to a gentle simmer. Leave it bubbling away for approximately 1 hour, or until the peas have all but collapsed. When they are nice and soft drain off the liquid, leaving enough to give the peas an unctuous lava like quality, discard the veg. Place back on the heat and cook till they have collapsed, season generously with the salt and white pepper (black pepper just looks wrong) and add vinegar to taste, quite a lot of vinegar to go with the rich tongue is a good thing in my book, 5-6 tablespoons.


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